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Residential on the Rise with Propane Products

Is it just me or are things getting a little better? Homebuilding and home improvements are coming back, providing an opportunity for propane marketers to convince builders and homeowners to install propane products. For instance, this morning I saw in Propane Daily News 5 States Where Residential Construction is Surging. But the uptick is occurring […]

Propane Safety Top Priority at Responders’ Conferences

Ensuring the safe use of propane is our industry’s top goal every day. The safe handling of propane always comes first, from the heating of residential and commercial buildings, to powering irrigation engines, commercial lawn mowers and forklifts, to the use of propane autogas fuel in fleets nationwide. Training first responders to safely deal with […]

Propane Industry Looks Forward as Willis Hits Landmark

Thanks Roy. This month marks the 15th anniversary of Roy Willis taking the reins at the Propane Education & Research Council. Since 1998, Roy has led at PERC the implementation of a multidisciplinary program of research and development, education, safety, and training for the propane industry. At an informal staff celebration, Roy discussed his work […]

Propane Warms Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Give AmeriGas some credit for its creative marketing this Valentine’s Day. It put out a press release/blog that promotes propane’s largest market sector – residential – while appealing to an audience that often gets forgotten by our industry – women. In its blog – Propane Appliances Help Heat Up Your LOVE – AmeriGas joins spicing up […]