Ford Likes What it Sees in Propane Autogas

F-550-SMarketers seeking to expand their propane autogas business should check out Clean Cities, the Department of Energy division that provides resources and technical assistance in the deployment of alternative and renewable fuels. I attended this week a seminar from Clean Cities designed for fleet managers, and it was an eye-opener.

Ford was the lead presenter, offering an overview of its many vehicles for fleets. Put briefly, Ford has electrics and hybrids for the sales guys and managers, while the maintenance and support staff can find a mix of propane autogas-, ethanol- and compressed natural gas-powered mid-size trucks, and transit/buses.  Visit Roush CleanTech for more on these trucks.

Ford sees propane autogas as a fuel with strong potential with fleets. It is cost competitive, emits less greenhouse gases, has an extensive national distribution system, and the inexpensive fueling stations are icing on the cake.

Along with Ford, the seminar included Alliance Autogas, the provider of propane autogas fuel and vehicle conversion technology, and the Propane Education & Research Council, with information on its propane-autogas safety programs.

PGCoVan2The event was held at a vehicle facility operated by Prince George’s Co., Md., near Washington, D.C. The county recently added five propane autogas vans to its fleet, a token number for a large county but a start nonetheless.

The media is missing much of the story on alternative transportation fuels, a plus and minus for propane autogas. We’re ahead of the curve so more time is spent getting prospects up to speed. On the flip side, we’ve got a great product, so there is strong growth potential.

If you are interested in learning more about propane autogas and other alternative fuels check out the 2013 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Washington, D.C. June 24-27. The 2012 Expo drew 3,000 registered attendees, 500 fleet managers, and 150 sponsors and exhibitors. This year the Expo will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Clean Cities.


  1. Randy Crane · · Reply

    Why can’t we buy a Ford F750 with a gas motor in it capable of being converted to propane?

  2. Randy – Thanks for the question. I’m not with Ford but this is what I’m hearing. You are correct that the F-750 is not available – yet – with a gas motor that can be converted. Ford Fleet does plan to offer that in the near future. The company’s first priority was to get a V10 into the market. It is out there and the response has been strong.

  3. You can get the F650 today ready for conversion. The F750, I am told, will follow…but when we don’t know.

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