Propane Autogas Riding Strong with S2G Bobtail, Bi-Fuel Conversion in Springfield

The effort to build the propane autogas market continues with the showing in Atlanta of the Ford F-650Freightliner Custom Chassis S2G bobtail, and the launch of the Roush CleanTech Ford F-650 chassis cab at the 2013 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo presented by the National Propane Gas Association.

I’m catching up with two interesting videos available courtesy of CleanFuel USA, the Georgetown, Texas-based provider of turnkey fuel and refueling infrastructure solutions, propane-powered engine systems and conversions, and fleet management programs.

One video offers a test drive of the S2G with the driver noting the ride is quiet, it handles like a car or pickup, the acceleration is powerful and visibility is great, and the S2G is “a natural fit for folks that deliver propane.” (Those of you who object to seeing a competitor’s logo on a bobtail may want to turn the video off around the 1:40 mark.) Check out “S2G Ride & Drive, Work Truck Show, March 2013.”

freightlinerS2GaA second video offers an update from Springfield, Ill., where the city is in the midst of converting seven trucks and 17 police cruisers to bi-fuel propane/gasoline fueling systems. The manager of the city garage says, “It’s nice to see us, Springfield, on the leading edge. … This is a different type of technology, (we’re) trying to save some money and get some more benefits out of our vehicles.” Check out the video “Calvin Thorn of CleanFuel USA Discusses the Conversion of Springfield Illinois’ Fleets.”

By the way, CleanFuel USA is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Congratulations!

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