Hammer It Home – Propane is Top Fuel for Landscape Contractors

Mower2012 Screen ShotIt’s been a good, long, cold winter for the propane industry. Admit it, you were starting to wonder if we were going to see any more of them. Propane bobtail drivers, marketers, and managers deserve a pat on the back and a little break after winter 2013.

While you relax, take a moment to learn about a great sales opportunity for the warmer months.

The landscape contracting industry operates a boatload of mowers and other equipment to keep up the lawns at homes, school and government buildings, golf courses, business centers, and parks. One commercial mower uses each year about 1,000 gallons of propane, the same as two homes, and the landscaping industry uses about 520 million gallons of conventional fuel annually.

The Propane Education & Research Council just launched the GallonGrowers Professional Landscape Toolkit to help marketers build their business with landscape contractors. It offers an introduction to the business, all kinds of collateral for reaching these professionals, and advice on sales techniques. It’s free on the Propane MaRC.

Professional landscaping and propane go together like salt and pepper, rock and roll, birds and bees, and a hammer and nail. Let’s drive home propane’s benefits for commercial mowers:

Hammer It – Propane fuel is cost competitive with gas hovering around $4 a gallon.Lazer_Z_S-SeriesEFI-Propane_Outdoor2BS

Hammer It – Propane provides as much torque and power as gasoline and diesel.

Hammer It – Propane offers greatly reduced emissions compared with gasoline.

Hammer It – Propane virtually eliminates fuel spillage.

Hammer It – Propane fueling infrastructure is extensive, and an onsite fueling system can save professional mowers time and money.

And for the propane industry — Propane can become a year-round fuel with customers like landscape contractors.

Let’s admit this too — the days when propane marketers could rely on a long, cold winter generating enough sales so they could take it easy in the summer are over. Take a moment to visit the MaRC and download the mower toolkit and read the opening pages on the potential for propane and landscape contractors.

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