Propane Autogas Powers Work Truck Show

WorkTruck12S2GaHearing excellent news on propane autogas as the Work Truck Show wrapped in Indianapolis. Word is fleet managers practically mobbed the exhibitors displaying autogas technology. They were researching the trucks, the vans, the dispensers, the new Freightliner S2G bobtail, the you name it.

Dish Network announced it would purchase and deploy 200 Roush CleanTech Ford E-250 propane-autogas cargo vans in five cities. Roush scored another win with its Ford F-550 chassis cab that it developed with Green Alternative Systems . The F-550 is a shuttle with capacity up to 33 passengers, Fleet Owner reports.

These were not just puffy announcements timed to make the execs feel good. We’ve passed that. These are real firms saving real money with real vehicles.

For instance, Dish said in its press release that it “expects to save about $2,500 per vehicle in annual lifecycle costs due to a 55 percent reduction in fuel costs and the cleaner burning properties of propane autogas.” And Dish estimated that using autogas in these 200 vans would lower carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5 million pounds over their life compared with vans fueled with gas.

There have also been several solid stories recently in the media. These aren’t the puffy stuff either. They take interesting viewpoints and spell out the challenges and prospects facing propane autogas.

SchwannsWorkTruck13Check out “Lighting the Demand for Propane” in the February issue of Midstream Business magazine. It focuses on CleanFuel USA, the manufacturer of alternative fuel equipment for propane autogas, and the Propane Education & Research Council. The article includes a sidebar “Lawn-Care Industry Takes to Propane” looking at the growing use of propane by landscape contractors.

And Reuters published an in-depth look at the fuel. I saw it headlined as Propane: It’s Not Just for Barbecues Anymore on, and a version dubbed Propane Stakes Claim as Cheap, Clean Fuel in the Chicago Tribune.

Hey, I can go with clean but I’m not cheap. How about economical, inexpensive, low-cost?

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  1. Great article Burney. It’s nice to see folks are realizing not only the environmental benefits of propane as a transportation fuel but the economical benefits too!

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