Propane Autogas a Winner, Chicago Cubs Need Some Gas

PERC_autogas_004_thumbnailThe average price of a gallon of gasoline rose 45 cents in the past 31 days, AAA says. Experts say the increase is due to maintenance at refineries, Saudi Arabia cutting production, traders concern over Middle East uncertainty, and the Chicago Cubs poor prospects for the World Series.

I made that up about the Cubs, they haven’t won the Series since 1908. That’s about when these same reasons were given for the rising price of gas. Most of us can’t do much about that. We go to the station, pump the gas, pay the bill.

But if you are a fleet manager you may be able to reduce your fuel costs.

How? Switch to propane autogas.

Take a look at news that has run on fleet fuel savings while gasoline rose 45 cents a gallon.

Wyandotte Co. Kansas will see savings of $100,000 per year running its 13 shuttle buses on autogas;
• International shipping firm DHL Express says autogas can reduce its fuel costs by about 42 percent per mile;
• Autogas is less expensive than gasoline, diesel, and CNG, for Monroe County, New York;
• Missouri’s Fort Zumwalt School District is saving $3,000 per bus annually on fuel with its autogas buses.
• Chicago-area autogas prices are less than half that of gasoline, says GO Airport Express.

If you are a fleet manager using diesel you know it costs even more than gasoline.

Propane autogas has more positives —  a vehicle running on autogas produces 12 percent less carbon dioxide and 60 percent less carbon monoxide than a gasoline vehicle, and last year the U.S. exported propane due to an abundant domestic supply.

Fleet managers, check out these manufacturers that want your business — CleanFuel USA and Roush CleanTech.

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