Propane Warms Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Give AmeriGas some credit for its creative marketing this Valentine’s Day. It put out a press release/blog that promotes propane’s largest market sector – residential – while appealing to an audience that often gets forgotten by our industry – women.

In its blog – Propane Appliances Help Heat Up Your LOVE – AmeriGas joins spicing up your love life with warming up your home with propane. The blog describes how using a propane-fueled appliance, like a tankless water heater, oven, or patio heater, will set temperature’s rising on February 14. The blog also has a bunch of links that take readers to appliance write ups so they can do some research.

Here’s an example — “If your home gets too hot during this date night and blows a fuse – your propane generator will be waiting! Propane-fueled generators provide reliable energy in locations that natural gas mains and power grids don’t reach, or standby power when the power goes out and it’s needed most.”

Yea, it’s a little cute. Heck, it’s got a picture of roses in front of a romantic fire.

But it’s a fresh way to catch the attention of Harriet Homeowner, the person that most likely gives the thumbs up or down on buying a new water heater, or investing in a patio as a place to relax and to add value to her home.

Besides, when we leave the marketing up to the usual guys we get stuff about power and drive and fuel injection.

Good luck on the approach AmeriGas. Put together a great fuel, some strong products, and throw in some smart marketing. Who knows, you just might score this week.

One comment

  1. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day that marketer’s attempt to reach out to the female population. I get it; but at the same time find it a bit tacky and backwards. If it has been acknowledged that women tend to make these decisions then why not appeal to them on a more regular basis, not just on an overly commercialized holiday?

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