Get in the Game with Propane Sales Training

Time to get in the game.PERC_MTST_LogoPUsize1

The Propane Education & Research Council is rolling out several new training sessions that cover the best in propane technology along with some smart sales techniques.

PERC’s Marketer Technology and Sales Training program offers four sessions — Residential, Commercial Mowers, Irrigation Engines, and Propane Autogas. Check out some of the class material on the Propane MaRC. It’s free to download.

I had the pleasure of previewing the four classes along with the sales training. They are a great mix of information, interaction, hands-on practice, and how-to videos.

This is an idea whose time has come for the propane industry. We have a great fuel, a strong delivery infrastructure, a pipeline of great products like mowers and engines, and we compete well with other energy sources.

But many consumers barely know we exist. That’s why it is vital that we learn how to sell. Other energy sources would like to grab some of our market. And many energy consumers today are shopping for what works best for them.

Some of the sales techniques in PERC’s classes are common sense. For example, do some research on the firm you plan to meet with; learn the name of the manager that makes the purchasing decision; determine the need that propane fills for the company, and prepare to answer why propane is the best product to fulfill that need.

I’m not in sales and even I know that.

But the sales training also covers making a cold call and getting through to the right guy, and then getting your message across. It offers pointers on a face-to-face meeting, making your pitch, and keeping the focus on your product.

No, it isn’t fool proof. There’s no guarantee of a sale. But it gets you in the game.

Each training program is for one full day, with about the half the session covering the product, and the other half devoted to sales training. PERC will reimburse the host for up to $2,500. Check out some of the class links here, and learn about hosting a session. Give PERC’s Gira Joshi a call at 202-452-8975 for more info and to schedule a class.

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