Propane Irrigation Engine Show Targets Farmers

??????????The Propane Education & Research Council is scheduling presentations across the Farm Belt to discuss its new Farm Irrigation Engine Demonstration Opportunity. PERC will show the engines in action, and demonstrate the cost and performance benefits of using propane.

The presentation also details PERC’s Propane Farm Incentive Program where producers can receive as much as $4,000 after purchasing a propane-fueled irrigation engine. PERC will help coordinate the visit, provide a speaker and literature, and bring an engine to showcase. A list of engines is available.

“We’ve seen an uptick in farmer interest in propane engines because of the cost savings they can provide,” said Mark Leitman, PERC’s director of business development and marketing. The cost of propane is looking good in comparison to diesel, he explains, adding that the savings extend to the purchase price of the irrigation engine, as well.

“Diesel engines are more expensive because of the technology required to meet emissions criteria,” says Leitman. “Farmers are taking note of the first-cost and fuel-cost advantage and evaluating their options when looking to make a purchase.”

Nearly 40 percent of farms in the U.S. use propane to run pumps and engines, heat buildings, and dry and process crops. As gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise, propane has remained an efficient and affordable fuel alternative on the farm. Nearly 90 percent of U.S. propane supplies are produced in the United States, giving farmers the security of using an abundant, domestic energy source.

Contact Mark at 202-452-8975 to learn more and schedule a demonstration.

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