It’s Freezing – Time to Call a Landscape Contractor

Mower2012 Screen ShotIt’s about -5 degrees with the wind chill here in the east, and out west snow has been blocking some propane deliveries, so unlucky bobtail drivers are sitting in their trucks 10 hours at a stretch.

Just the time to think about lawn care, right?

Actually, for landscape contractors this is the season that they prepare for a busy spring. These guys are kicking tires and checking prices as they put together the best fleet of mowers for the warmer days ahead. Some buy new, and some convert their existing mowers to run on propane instead of gasoline or diesel.

For marketers, this is the right time to approach these firms. Propane is an excellent fuel for commercial mowers – it is competitively priced, reduces emissions compared with gasoline and diesel, and virtually eliminates spillage and theft. And propane is a domestic fuel with 97 percent of the propane consumed in the U.S. produced in North America.

If you are a marketer, check out the solidly researched Conversion Success Stories article in the new Turf Magazine which provides examples of landscape firms that have recently switched to propane fuel. The article gives suggestions for assisting firms seeking to convert mowers to propane, and what pitfalls they can avoid.

Landscape firms that want to be green should consider propane. Sebert Landscaping in Bartlett, Ill., won two national awards for its environmental leadership, according to a write up in the Daily Herald. A big part of the award was due to Sebert switching to propane-fueled mowers.

Fact is, going green is critically important to certain landscape customers, and Sebert has managed corporate properties throughout the Chicago area for 25 years.

One last note to keep you warm. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) announced that Ventrac’s 4500Z bi-fuel ready tractor is qualified for PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program.

This incentive program gives $1,000 to eligible new owners of qualifying propane-fueled mowers like the Ventrac. In return, program participants are asked to report to PERC on the equipment’s performance and usage for one operating season. Learn more about PERC’s mower incentive program.

Don’t forget. PERC added eight photos of commercial mowers to its Propane MaRC service. The photos are free to download and can be used on websites, blogs, and other collateral media.

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