Monthly Archives: November 2012

Smart Schools Run Propane Buses

The momentum is building for propane-autogas-fueled school buses. The autogas industry just notched a big win in delivering 134 propane-fueled buses to the Portland (Ore.) and Seattle school districts, School Transportation News reported. And remember, Portland schools have been operating autogas-fueled buses for about 20 years. To re-up and buy even more buses is a […]

Give Thanks and Empower Citizens with an Energy Policy

Thanksgiving is a unique American holiday where we take a break and consider how fortunate we are as a nation and as citizens. This year Thanksgiving follows closely a difficult and sometimes divisive election. It wasn’t always pretty but there is much as a nation we agree on. Perhaps while we count our blessings we […]

Fleet Operators Looking at Propane Autogas

For fleet operators, the cost of fuel puts the brakes on their efforts to run at their most efficient. That has some operators looking at such alternative fuels as propane autogas, according to a new study. Fleet operators spend about 90 percent of their operating costs every month on gasoline or diesel fuel, according to the […]